Robert Lewandowski All 10 goals in UCL 2012/2013

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24 Responses to “Robert Lewandowski All 10 goals in UCL 2012/2013”

  1. FatJokes101

    Dear God, this would be so much better if you didn’t put that shitty camera effect on it.

  2. krzycho polotv

    Poland !!!!!

  3. A7OldRscplayer

    Why though? You continue to prove my point lol

  4. Sammy Stone

    Cool, calling someone dumb and then coming up with an equally dumb insult makes complete sense, maybe in two months you come up with something better than that

  5. A7OldRscplayer

    Insults don’t need to be incredibly creative. But in two months after you remind me about that, I’ll remind you again that you’re dumb.

  6. Sammy Stone

    I think you’re missing the point, can’t always tell when it’s sarcasm in someone’s youtube comment…but thanks for the reminder that I couldn’t tell someone’s tone through a typed comment, I’ll make sure to remind you two months after this comment how incredibly creative your insults are

  7. A7OldRscplayer

    No I just wanted to remind you

  8. Sammy Stone

    You’re clever aren’t you…if you read the comments, I already had this discussion, not always easy to pick up on sarcasm in a youtube comment

  9. A7OldRscplayer

    You are dumb aren’t you

  10. Frontscheibe von RayBan im VWPolo

    Whoever told u this color filter is cool, tricked u. 😀
    But beside this its a good video though 🙂


    Watch out! Pepe was there 😀

  12. maceisgrace

    1:56 best goal of the whole cl : P

    just look at this amazing trick that klopp teached him x ]

    only BVB <3

  13. logicCplusplus

    and he still gets no respect

  14. Max Mosler

    3x vs. Ajax

  15. Max Mosler

    5x vs. Madrid

  16. TheBARTEKH

    Lewandowski is the best 🙂

  17. eLementaR


  18. Snowmangaming92

    Gundogan is a more defensive player than an offensive player. 

  19. footballtv776

    go check the description

  20. Haider Zulfiqar

    What’s the name of this song

  21. MACIEK007life

    hahahhahahahaha lol xd lol xd lol lol lol hahahhah

  22. DeRRen BrOwn


  23. Sammy Stone

    Hah no worries man

  24. DeRRen BrOwn

    wow. I have actually gained respect for you because I looked at the comment I previously put and it was really retarded I think I was just being a cunt.

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