Poldi and Per are Samurai Gunners!

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25 Responses to “Poldi and Per are Samurai Gunners!”

  1. Olivier Giroud

    Poldi got right into it lol

  2. Bayern1national

    Lmao poldi’s noise

  3. TheAwole

    Great team building, Arteta turning up creased me up

  4. IxKrazy IVI


  5. Alejandro Tabata

    1:11 The tallest samurai and first german samurai. 1:57 the first german samurai AHA

    what a day for samurais.

  6. Adaminski95

    Well it’s just a matter of opinion… I think it should be about where you are born and I know I for one would take pride in where I was born and want to represent my country but whatever I guess. Just don’t act as though there’s not an argument for both sides.

  7. Samuel Hills

    They should use these against spurs 😀

  8. raisington

    there is no limit to what football clubs are willing to put their players through to sell some jersies in asia… pathetic

  9. TR4ZOR

    Thank you.

  10. James Cobb

    germans who live in England ofc

  11. 97Locoel

    aha !

  12. wwwliveat

    2:03 even at sushi making Arteta’s hair still look perfect!

  13. Sargeras

    So what if he was born in Poland? Birthplace is totally irrelevant. What matters is your ancestry and most importantly, where you lived most of your life. Yeah, Podolski’s parents are Polish, but he lived as a German.

  14. ObiVEVO


  15. KingCookieOnTour

    1:09 i died. 😀

  16. thepowerofmusic98lol

    ha, was ist los Junge 😉 (00:45) ;D

  17. elgringo8585

    stfu ur mums a kurva

  18. Guldhedenopo

    Kriss is not amused

  19. TheBukuPL

    Represents Germany plays in English team and he is from Poland

  20. Takumi Fujiwara

    Poldi and Per looks like smosh ._.

  21. Krille Alm

    Realy hope that per gets a even more fantastic season this year!

  22. arsenalcrazed


  23. xagil silver


  24. Friedrich Priebe

    Poldolski can not even speak german.

  25. Snabader

    yeah, nah.

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