Lukas Podolski

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  1. Peterx242

    Bullshit, he loves, Polish, he organizes various events related with it.
    Often he share of the Polish interviews.Podolski is 100% polish but plays for Germany. He says it in interviews all the time that hes 100% polish

  2. Ferdinando5er

    poland did NOTHING for him to get a great footballer, germany did. he loves germany so much more than fucking poland. he only says he likes poland because of his respect to his polish family !!! hes german, accept it !

  3. studioworks1990

    Maybe in his next life he’ll be as good as Messi, not in this one.

  4. rouskari12345

    Paras pelaaja pelaan itekki jalkkista

  5. kericespieces

    bring this song to the emirates!!!

  6. Cole Schrager

    WTF?? I want my own song


    Good game vs Montpellier!


    Fantastic goal today for Arsenal 🙂

  9. ABForever

    No, come on, he is never better than Messi, Messi is everything, are you serious? But he is well trained player, but never better than Messi, Messi is legend.

  10. lukasz291994

    Lu Lu Lukas Podolski

  11. arsenal4evr100

    man… i remember when he was like 22 and now hes 27! time goes by so fast

  12. theblaster110

    hes my favourite and is better than messi

  13. UnkMango

    can’t wait to see the emirates stadium explode with this song

  14. Lifeng Tam

    No metter he is from Germany or Polish, he is a hero in my heart .Lululu Lukas podolski . Go go go.
    Greetings from China.
    I am sad that I do not know how to load this music in my pc and my moblephone.

  15. Andrew McEntaggart

    Fine then. I don’t want to keep arguing about Podolski’s ethnicity. But I know about the anthem and scoring against Poland thing. 

  16. klabautermann23

    1 FC KÖLN! <3

  17. Czesław Nieszczegolny

    Polish hero!
    But typically german well done work. Prost! ;-)

  18. James Kwik

    Yah i know he is Polish. The guy made it sound like he chose Germany because they are better. Thats not true. He wanted to lay for Poland, but they rejected him, and since he had a German citizenship, he played for Germany.

  19. iTzMikeHD

    He’s actually right bro, don’t be a dick. He is ORIGINALLY,meaning born there,from Poland. Podolski is 100% polish but plays for Germany. He says it in interviews all the time that hes 100% polish. He also NEVER sings the nation anthem on the field for Germany. Also, he said he is sad everytime he scores against Poland. And you’re right we do regret it lol. The coach must feel like such an asshole. It doesn’t matter were bad anyway. We were good like 2004/2005 but now Poland is awful so..

  20. iTzMikeHD

    I think YOU don’t know. He is 100% polish but he moved to germany with his POLISH parents when he was very young. He says it in interviews all the time that he is 100% polish and he is proud to be polish. He never sings the German national anthem on the field and he said he is sad every time he has to score against Poland. Klose on the other hand is an asshole. He is 100% polish born, but he changed his name bc he HATES the fact that hes polish. He always says he german but hes polish.

  21. MarciHSV16

    Jz bei arsenal trololololol

  22. portioli idowu

    a poor man’s hulk.

  23. jthorpeatc

    shits about to get real in the euro

  24. SuperTaufikIsmail

    true story !

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