Lukas Podolski vs FC Cologne – Debut

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23 Responses to “Lukas Podolski vs FC Cologne – Debut”

  1. Khryz marquez

    Lukas p all they way!

  2. realmofrunescape

    Would have been the perfect debut if that CUNT didn’t have to replace him…

  3. Radiohead686

    Song is Welcome Home by Radical Face

  4. theadler1006

    But he was great at Cologne, my hometown!

  5. orlando buelvas dajud

    What is the song name

  6. GbengzEnt

    what are you talking about….shut up pls abeg

  7. josevanreyes

    Rooney is the only player who has outscored Van Persie in the premier league since 2007. He has 30 goals for Holland which is more than good.

    Why are you acting like Van Persie was rubbish? Every year we Arsenal fans were bigging Van Persie up for the golden boot, comparing him to the best strikers. Only injury held him back until now.

  8. Rakan496

    he is bad

  9. Mark Williams

    Is that a joke? Van Persie is nothing without Song and Walcott putting chances on a plate for him as proven in past seasons and internationally with the Netherlands.

    132 goals in 8 years is good, but not great i’m afraid.

  10. Osman Adam

    He’s German he dont fear no one ..probabley score 25 + goals and 10+ assists ..He will win us something

  11. insanescopez

    It’s Robin Van Persie dumbass

  12. Danny94James


  13. ItzMrKingston


  14. JellyKidSieg

    the guy scores a brace and ends up sitting on luggage lol, I just find that funny…

  15. rob91Harvey

    Sorry, what do you mean you don’t really believe he’s an Arsenal player? That confused me haha

  16. MrAntihumanism

    podolski is nothing compared to van persie. he just has a good left foot.

  17. TheRaul7lover

    lucas podolski VS FC KOLN :@ not  cologne

  18. Ruudebwoi

    Nice vid…Podolski will be a player for us…wernt expecting to hear that absolute banger @ 5:00 either

  19. jackporridge

    excellent vid. perfect song choice

  20. Tom Orr


  21. Manav Trivedi

    Dont cry now he’s going United 😉

  22. Jumper76Anton

    The second goal is brilliant team work by Gibbs and Podolski!
    Can’t wait to see them pair up.

    Apparently after the game the Arsenal fans shouted to RvP: Lukas Podolski, he score when he wants!

    Deserved you cunt.

  23. Leslie Jim

    i would love it even more if we sign two defenders:)

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