Lukas Podolski FC Arsenal 2012 Goals+Assists

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  1. sTEVE s

    nein natürlich nicht….guck dir nur mal die tore an 😉 und ich mein alle

  2. meista95

    Klasse Video bauer Jack

  3. Cany1111

    Podolski ist ne Null der kann Garnichts !!!

  4. meista95

    Beste Prinz, im Herzen Kölner!!

  5. 1Tenno

    just realized that many of his assits were to Cazorla. Quess they are a great team.

  6. King der Welt

    Prinz Poldi <3 Eines Tages wieder beim FC

  7. Monoh Sankoh

    I thought that too.. but if you actually watch him play his movement isn’t good enough to be the central striker. He’s too still. Doesn’t make good enough runs. Whereas Giroud’s movement is amazing. No doubt, Podolski is the best finisher on our team. But he needs to space in behind the defence to play his game as a Striker. Why do you think Germany don’t play him there?

  8. Said Klein

    Those interested in football should look at my channel to time. 🙂

    Channel name: “Said klein”

  9. Real Gunner

    it will good to see u there….my id (Syed Mahmudur Rashid)…with red t-shirt

  10. Real Gunner

    it will good to see u there….my id Syed Mahmudur Rashid…with red t-shirt

  11. smacker595

    yes i have 😀

  12. Real Gunner

    that’s have facebook id man..???

  13. smacker595

    no problem 🙂 i am fan from cologne where podolski plays before he goes to arsenal 😀

  14. Real Gunner r a crazy fan of arsenal ..nice to met u..

  15. smacker595

    Two Steps From Hell – Archangel

  16. Real Gunner

    Wht is the music name pls pls tell me some one pls

  17. GeneralCazai

    Bei Arsenal spielt er zurzeit jedoch echt gur.
    In der Nationalmannschaft war er mal vieeeeeel besser

  18. MasterLexboss

    Podolski ist der größte Lappen man

  19. Gun PL

    🙂 podolski is a polandman polish power  but he is in english best club arsenal

  20. Flávio Barros

    Podolski is center forward. Opportunistic and endowed with a powerful left-handed, promised to be a tremendous scorer. Turned into an edge-left struggling by necessity, since he held absolute Klose, Gomez was bursting in Stuttgart as he warmed bench at Bayern. Was the knack that gave to accommodate you in the starting lineup.

  21. Tony M

    Ya know, im always sleepy when i have to go to school, but maannnn now im wide awake, i love my Arsenal so much 🙂

  22. jonathansniper121

    Guys sub to me ill sub back fot great vids

  23. Mateusz Lesiak


  24. meista95

    Lukas podolski bester Mann; bald wieder in köln!!

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