Lukas Podolski – Arsenal’s German Striker (2012/13)

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski – Arsenal’s German Striker (2012/13)”

  1. TheMaronator

    Du hast gesagt dass er ein “Kölsche jung” ist

  2. AVEHK

    What do you mean?

  3. TheMaronator

    Please stop saying bad things about him.

  4. Kelvin L.

    Thats why he is playing for germany…

  5. redziia


  6. Lukas Podolski


  7. galuwyr

    Yea ofc. Because of that he is playing for the DFB.

  8. Pol101FCK

    I also did a Podolski video with some amazing goals from his time in Cologne=)! check it out on my channel

  9. kevin marx

    ozil isnt a turk u… he was burn in germany

  10. Roma9532

    You are talking about ethnicity not nationality. If Podolski is Polish then Ozil is Turkish.

  11. 5301Lukas

    Retard -.-

  12. Denis Zt

    Podolski german? hahaha PODOLSKEN!

  13. Benzazle P

    now he is a london jung

  14. MyHaLLoi

    Thats not true yes he was born in poland but he grew up in cologne why do you think he even played for cologne when they were very badly ?? You dont become German only for playing a few years football in Germany ..

  15. YA Fixtape


  16. LukasynoNoN ST

    HaHa At your place in Germany, more than half of the staff are foreigners! Podolski plays for Germany but a Pole as Ozil is a Turk

  17. sebi98cr7

    Just imagine if some players stayed, ,, such a deadly squad it would have been:
    ST: Podolski, RVP, Giroud
    MID: Cazorla, Fabregas, Oxlade Chamberlain, Jack wilshere, Gervinho, Mikel arteta,Walcott, Arshavin
    DEF: Kolo toure…. and yeah
    I feel kinda bad that we took RVP away from you, best of luck this season arsenal! 🙂
    3-1 means nothing, cheer up guys, its just the 1st game

  18. Robert Payne

    Podolski, Not a german but polish, he was born in poland and then played in germany for a couple of years and he picked germany to play for

  19. Andy Wu

    He is a good player

  20. Mlook AL-Musallam

    I just Love Podolski…….& Arsenal

  21. Jiggly Puff

    any girl here wanna make kloze on my podolsky?

  22. xJurass

    I hate when people say he is German Lukas born in Gliwice in Poland!
    Its Lukas Podolski Arsenal POLISH STRIKER!!

  23. Mlook AL-Musallam

    I love Arsenal Maaan !!

  24. SugarhillGangMan

    he grew up in germany, he lived his whole life in germany and he himself said he was german…so he is german!

  25. How qué

    Learned to play football in Germany and plays for Germany. He was born in Poland, yes but has nothing to do with Poland. Stop crying.

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