Robert Lewandowski | The Ultimate Striker | HD |

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  1. SportchannelSpain

    best striker in the world

  2. M Yourdhan

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  3. v1to9hm4

    its funny how before he scored the 4 goals against Madrid a lot of people dint knew who he is or what team he plays in

  4. YoyoMan8383

    Lewa’s solo goal vs. Montenegro……. AMAZING.­ntA

  5. Alvaro Devora

    he looks like adrien brody

  6. bandzi93

    Shit personality? The president of Dortmund promised him to sell him to Bayern after the Champions League final… So he is piece of shit…

  7. bandzi93

    He’s going to Bayern…

  8. bandzi93

    “Borussia Dortmund is the best team in the world aswell”

  9. Kuba Stefanski

    7:20 <3

  10. Robert Lewandowski

    Borussia dortmund is a one big unstopable machine that destroys all of the clubs. Pretty sure if bayern and borussia were to meet up again the scores would be different. Anyways poland is playing today hope we win. Do boju polska !!

  11. Holly Hudson

    He is Europes Greatest Goal Scorer

  12. YoyoMan8383

    Messi has a low center of gravity. He’s not that skilled, he scores a lot because he’s so short. Notice how Messi, doesn’t have any other tactic/move, other than going around players with his quick ability to change direction. If Messi wasn’t a midget, there would be no legend. Sorry.

    Brazilian Ronaldo is the best of all time imo.

  13. 475thehitman

    wow your comparing messi and this guy your a freaking retard how would you compare the best in history with a random forward

  14. AnxiouslyPatient

    Definitely the best in the world in my opinion. Honestly, Messi stands no chance.

  15. lk kara

    Hmm. It’s hard to imagine Lewa, in anything but that yellow/black Dortmund uniform.

  16. behar61

    Lewandowski, Falcao and Cavani are the top 3 strikers in the world, but Lewa is the NUMBER 1

  17. LEO you

    Lewandowski Robert….100%

  18. YoyoMan8383

    Let’s go Lewa, 2014 campaign.

  19. Maximus1ize

    Lech poznań go stworzył

  20. Jacathor Pimpington

    I agree 100%

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