Robert Lewandowski – “Radioactive” | Skills & Goals 2013

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25 Responses to “Robert Lewandowski – “Radioactive” | Skills & Goals 2013”

  1. Muhammad Mayat

    hes gonna be a international one man team

  2. Cade Fowler

    Scott Hoying is a beast doe

  3. mx15xm

    If anything he’s underrated

  4. lemacdu7

    You’re such an idiot if you think that he is overrated, watch BVB games, this team doesn’t exist without him man, he is more than JUST striker, he is playmaker

  5. TheMachineman0

    So overrated he scored 4 against real madrid…

  6. TheJacko38

    You are the Best !!

  7. aluapzurc2

    the original is much better

  8. HardViperHD

    You didn’t replied him,so he won’t see the comment you posted,sucker!

  9. HardViperHD

    Because of spam,I won’t check your channel!

  10. SoulStealer

    why no original song? just stupid fuck instead of <3

  11. SoulStealer

    after 4 goals against madrid surely he is over rated

  12. jpfootballhd

    check my channel out

  13. UKMSports

    I was forced to take down that video due to copyright :(

  14. jmontiel1993

    Should have stayed with the original version. Suits the video more

  15. juan castillo

    what are you talkin about the song is great!

  16. Brian Vu

    Song is horrible

  17. Rakib sdq

    the song is like leweadolski: fresh, new and powerful!

  18. abidzia2012

    Lewandowski 4 real madrid 1

  19. davidjansen56

    Lewanlewan Lewandoski

  20. v1to9hm4

    Whos singing in this “radio active” version i like it

  21. Rakib sdq

    you mean Over Talented..

  22. Aaron Watson


  23. HeggemusNL

    great vids!

  24. Superlisso96

    nice video and song!!!

  25. FootballVideosHD

    Love this song. Polish power 3

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