Robert Lewandowski – Golden Striker – 2012/2013 – HD

Movie Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Robert Lewandowski – Golden Striker – 2012/2013 – HD”

  1. Robert Lewandowski

    no . Me !!!

  2. AlainProst1993

    You clearly didn’t watch the video.

  3. Lewis Jammer

    I think he is over rated.. Lewondaski – Benteke – Lukaku – Mandzukic all the same to me just it’s BVB that are making him look good.. And am hearing he is asking for a lot wages over 150 k pshhhhhhh

  4. DuckOaks

    this is the best video of rorbert lewandowski /watch?v=qb-WsSNIzLA

  5. KillMore PSDCO


  6. joep punter

    It is not official, if you haven’t followed the news my friend.

  7. Jasper vdLugt

    BVB <3

  8. marouan harrath

    one of the 5 best strikers in the world

  9. byMakeCP

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  10. Inter de Milan latino


  11. TheDavidinho10

    C.Ronaldo – Messi – Bale.

  12. TheGamebuscus

    I see both top comments are from mufc fans i am one 2 so i wanted to let u know that there are BIG chances that lewandowski is coming to MUFC <3

  13. M Skok

    Hes going to Bayern, if you haven’t followed the news my friend.

  14. NanoGamable

    If he goes to bayern there is no point in the bundesliga

  15. Gazman997

    won it couple seasons back by beating bayern…

  16. Matthew Ferguson

    How did Chelsea do in the CL?

  17. jamiescofed

    Just because he scored 4 against Madrid doesn’t mean he is amazing he isn’t that good but he is certainly talented!

  18. Gazman997

    How many things did dortmund win this season? How many did Chelsea win?

  19. Chico Teixeira

    your best video

  20. Matthew Ferguson

    you Chelsea fans think you can get anyone don’t you? DORTMUND ARE BETTER THAN CHELSEA! Why would he go to a worse club?

  21. Reus HD


  22. Bvbtroop

    Welcome To Chelsea!!

  23. LFCFAN2108

    awesome video

  24. Victor Smid

    BVB is better than MU

  25. Aaron Mannion

    Lewandowski wouldn’t get a chance to score. Van Persie is too greedy.

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