Robert Lewandowski a�� All 75 Goals a�� Borussia Dortmund |HD| 2010-2013

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25 Responses to “Robert Lewandowski a�� All 75 Goals a�� Borussia Dortmund |HD| 2010-2013”

  1. IggyZardable

    He scores more Goals against Munich as against Bremen..

  2. Sebastian Gnot

    Poland !!

  3. amin chebli

    the best player in bundesliga

  4. heyLAUDIE

    That’s what strikers are for if you didn’t know

  5. Matt Salvador

    So many tap in goals haha but really good build up, world class player and team

  6. 6arO0O2a

    he looks like woodys gamertag

  7. Henriette0567

    Lewandowski the king

  8. Niclas Jespersen

    I did not know he is that good at headers

  9. ZypoHD

    Thanks Lewa, play a last great Season for Dortmund <3

  10. Paharo2


  11. immortals87

    Great player an absolute beast of a player would love him at my team Chelsea he would be perfect fit. Bayern are getting the steal of the century getting him for free next year

  12. Leśny Jebacz

    Diego Lopez and Casillas don’t like that.

  13. KristianHD

    könnt ihr mal auf unseren kanal gehen und uns sagen wie ihr ihn findet und wenn er euch gefällt und ihr mehr sehen wollt könntet ihr uns auch bitte abonnieren 🙂 würde uns sehr freuen

  14. Stansodo

    every single football player skills clip has this shit techno music.

  15. KingArthur

    If Real Madrid or Barcelona give him the option he wont go to Bayern and plus their is still plenty of time for a team to offer bids of 40+ million i,e, paying his true potential price.

  16. CAMP1NMW2

    horrible music lol

  17. Kirill Kondrachov

    Well that’s what I meant, sorry. Lewy won’t sign an extension to Dortmund. I know it.

  18. Robin Van Persie

    Lewandowski has been raping Bayern for the last few seasons. Neuer still has Nightmares of the 2012 DFB Pokal Final.

  19. Robin Van Persie

    Actually, he will leave for free next season. Bayern dont have to pay anything to Dortmund, UNLESS Lewandowski signs an extension.

  20. ubdaro

    Hope he will have a great last season at BVB. He’s amazing player to watch. With the three new signees BVB will kick some ass this season!

  21. klaus muller

    Gruesome music ! #shitproducer #badtaste

  22. Mix0nHD

    miały być all w borussi bramki a nie dajesz bramki w reprezentacji …

  23. Kirill Kondrachov

    No he won’t. He wanted to go to Bayern, but Jurgen Klopp wouldn’t sell him. His contract ends July next year, and when that happens, Bayern being a very wealthy club will pay his buy out clause. He won’t leave Dortmund this season, but he will next season.

  24. Damn Dablju Pierwszy

    idiots like u should have been killed.

  25. MadGamerPS3XBOX

    he is going to stay with borussia

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