Podolski vs West Ham – 23/01/13

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24 Responses to “Podolski vs West Ham – 23/01/13”

  1. blvcklite2ill

    “THIS is the real Arsenal!”nearly made me cry

  2. Emeka Ilukwe

    “striker” he was playing as a winger in that game as it says “winger” in the comment.

  3. TheReaperOfOblivion

    1:57 = Absolute fuckin’ rocket!

  4. legomark300

    Podolski could have easily scored a hat trick right there but he isnt selfish at all thats what makes him such a good winger perfers the cross to the strike even though he has an incredible left.

  5. Ariff Razif

    guess he really was injured near the end of the season. he looked too static and he doesnt have that usual drive…

  6. Cany Ali

    this is the real arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rizky Iman Akbar

    if u see a real match, poldi just need 3 minute to make an assist … #Arsenal

  8. Fahim Hussain

    The performance of the season in a match by ANYONE. Single handedly tore them to shreds with his pace and precision.

  9. MVFCFIFAOnlineClub

    what a shot!

  10. Zakariye Hassan

    1:25 Walcott could have reached that.

  11. Wulfrig Jones

    disjointed long balls arse

  12. Cologne allez

    dislike? why,this video is great !

  13. Amr Badr

    Man, U R Awesome !

  14. MrAhhh112

    6:39 gervinho wouldve missed that.

  15. nealsidpara

    dem eyes at 3:12

  16. EpicFinland

    More comps please! 🙂

  17. DatBoiiFresh


  18. Gizmo Nguyen

    love you Podolski :X

  19. Florennt Zuko

    i love your videos , keep it up mate : ))

  20. cheeze124

    Mate I love your videos alot. Great work Keep it up. #COYG

  21. Viktrailee

    sorry mate but i hate this ‘black’ effect in your videos. i recommend you not to use it anymore.
    otherwise.. nice work 🙂

  22. Vikrant Kale


  23. rasil23


  24. youteFabre

    Ramsey vs Westham is a must !

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