Lukas Podolski’s personalised miadidas f50 boots

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “Lukas Podolski’s personalised miadidas f50 boots”

  1. Jim Harris

    look awesome

  2. FifaWizardKH

    scored his goal against spurs 5-2 win in these badboys!!

  3. jontan3095

    wao podolski wunderbare taco ist einer der besten Spieler aller Zeiten!!!

  4. Carlos daGuia

    Agora a Adidas é Mengão! 🙂

  5. Rodrigo Herrejón Fuentes

    Yo quiero unos adidas personalizados, alguien quisiera regalarme unos? soy pobre.

  6. TheGermanNerd

    I’m throwing my money at the screen but nothings happening! D:

  7. Bayu Qolyubi

    My Inspiration

  8. Flownii

    no, for Cologne and Arsenal 🙂

  9. FiTzYxHD

    Lukas Podolski Michael Rensing IHR GEHÖRT NACH KÖLN!!!

  10. Zakia Bou

    Louis 3

  11. Mu51q


  12. Ner4zzurr0

    Red & White for poland maybe ? :(

  13. Lewiji Funda

    I love him already.

  14. Kushan Bheenick

    what’s the song?

  15. kevindavidmurphy

    Personaly I dont like em but it’s his style you know?

  16. ElDuque2444

    Sick ass cleats…

  17. slumber44

    ” Red is my favourite colour because it’s link with Cologne and now, Arsenal ”

    You got to love this lad.

  18. YBJ2008

    Is that his garden? Could fit a few pitches in there

  19. miklaylay30

    I agree his hat doesnt match his tongue

  20. TheDrumMaschine

    Hat Geschmack, der Junge.

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