Lukas Podolski’s All 16 Goals and 11 Assists for Arsenal in 2012/13 season

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski’s All 16 Goals and 11 Assists for Arsenal in 2012/13 season”

  1. Electonedeck

    Imagine Podolski and Ozil re-creating their German team magic for the Arsenal!!

  2. maluuntheboon


  3. Adam Fierro

    This man is strong in the area, definitely a kick ass addition to the Team.

  4. Lebontempviendra

    Polish/German monster

  5. BornToLove331

    accurate, powerful, his left foot is much better than van pu$sy

  6. Geoff Gustav


  7. Mesarr Rekani

    Thé best podolski

  8. Lizzy Childs

    Not a bad 1st season. I think he’ll score more this year. AHA!!

  9. Leo98HD

    @Attila Vangor is the song copyrighted?

  10. MrVictoria125

    not a fan of the music, but great vid tho

  11. OskarRemedy

    lewan is still a dortmunder ;)

  12. Jack Newman

    im proud to be an arsenal fan

  13. RAfi JAmi

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  14. Jim Harris

    Lewandowski moved a while ago along with Götze. I know it’s a shame. Borussia Dortmund are losing all their stars.

  15. Alpha EnOmega

    German Power!!!

  16. Xuanming Huang

    Since when did Lewandowski go to Bayern?

  17. GB89

    Hopefully there’s more to come in the upcoming season! =)

  18. Casper Hauser

    Ja witzig genau wie die Deutschen eben! Podolski eben! oll

  19. footyCTR360

    Gotta love poldi

  20. Cosimo BEsgen

    Wie die Engländer Podolski aussprechen 😀

  21. bakkagaijin76


  22. Jim Harris

    imagine Poland with their players: Lewandowski (Poland and X-Borrusia Dortmund player – now Bayern München) Podolski (Germany and Arsenal) finally Miroslav Klose (Germany and Lazio) – unstpable strikers

  23. m100fas

    Arsenal Are Looking Good Now

  24. T.P .K

    Where do you get your clips?

  25. Emeka Ilukwe

    2 Tottenham fans were here

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