Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal”

  1. killzord97

    retard, podolski is nowhere near ronaldinho

  2. feelnopainable

    W końcu Polak :)) !!

  3. Christopher Chan

    make a podolski vs ronaldinho video. they have a very similar style

  4. Nouwjaongeldig

    Fast, strong, amazing shot.. nothing else matters

  5. Idontneedanynickname

    Consider yourself lucky, you don’t understand the lyrics …

  6. Nick N.

    great player in arsenal and koln but shit in euro 2012

  7. boom bastic

    far better than ronaldo….

  8. IxXGhostyXxI

    Open a New Tab and put some good music on then watch the video
    Your Welcome 🙂

  9. Kactus Lewis

    He clearly chose mute… That was the end of his statement… o.O

  10. starboy485

    in fifa13 hes sick

  11. jeffhardy123877

    RVP left.

  12. Hugo A

    SHIT MUSIC at its top

  13. Courtney Hunter


  14. JordHL

    this music is rubbish lol

  15. Jack Miller

    or mute and play music OVER the video, thats a quicker when they everyone can have what they want 😉

  16. Christian Selby

    Manchester sucks dick mother bitch

  17. Charlie Guna

    FAIL arsenal’s new home is now old trafford

  18. YeaahBuddaayy

    Mate you forget Santi Cazorla and Arteta. Arsenal havent had this much depth in a long time

  19. AcyClic Thrower

    RVP ? thank god he’s out

  20. hellovictor93


  21. Panos13United

    mute or make a better video with better music!

  22. joysticky83

    Why do these videos always have the shittiest music possible? *mute*

  23. Panos13United


  24. Adaś Małysz

    Podolski = RvP + Giroud 🙂

  25. Chase Hullinger


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