Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal FC – New Gunner ||HD||

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  1. Smileydot09

    Well im right footed, BUT my left is too mine is POWERFOOL STRONGER THAN MY RIGHT (it takes practice for ur left to get acuracy right and power)

  2. TheMannheimer1

    His left foot is a weapon

  3. 13lacks

    hey everyone, im moving channels so please go over to my new channel because my videos will be posted on this new channel: youtube. com/SF11sensationTv | without the space or checkout the video on my page which the link to my new channel

  4. 13lacks

    of lukas podolski, or more videos in general? cuz im uploading a sick nani one either today or tomorrow, depends on when its done rendering

  5. VzoRSniping

    Awesome you should make more dude!

  6. DerAbstecher87

    Dubstep Sucks -.-

  7. yoyo Guy

    ellie goulding dubstep

  8. 13lacks

    lights – ellie goulding  dubstep

  9. 420NoScope

    what song is this again

  10. olabodeoyeneye


  11. yoyo Guy


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