Lukas Podolski | ‘ The German Gun ‘ 2012/2013 | a??a?�

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski | ‘ The German Gun ‘ 2012/2013 | a??a?�”

  1. Sammy Yadgar

    he is a german international but originally polish

  2. spexx23

    nope, currently he is england…but it could be possible that he will become spain or italy in future xD

  3. Schallschatten

    Ich habe geschrieben, dass , fast jeder fünfte Deutsche Polnische “Wurzeln” hat…. Wegen Schlesien…!!!

  4. Peter Hausfrau

    Every single polish has african roots, your point is..?

  5. Schallschatten

    Every fifth German has polish roots….. ;-)

  6. Die Blumis

    Pendulum – Crush

  7. TheHater

    So gut ist er auch nicht – Deutschland
    He isn´t sooo good! – Germany

  8. ThePikkulammas

    has good season and get’s downgraded by EA
    fuck ea fifa.

  9. PremierProdHD

    I didn’t understand your discussion about his nationality !

  10. Peter Hausfrau

    He´s not, he is canadian. He visits canada every month at least once. In a lot of interviews he always says its such a beautiful country and he can´t forgive his parents that they left it when he was a child….

  11. f1r3starter

    he is often in poland..he was a kid as he came to germany..he had no options. and all love him in poland cuz he dont forget.

  12. How qué

    Okay, but one day he was. Why didn’t he went back to Poland? 😉 Your argument is invalid.

  13. f1r3starter

    he didnt decided leave poland..he was to young for it!

  14. f1r3starter

    haha canada…lol he is polish born!

  15. midnight88ful

    The best lefty

  16. midnight88ful

    The beat lefty

  17. Sebastian Holtermann

    nice to see he finally arrived at such a nice top class team, and also that gooners appreciate him.
    Me, a cologne citizen, does have a new favourite english club 🙂

  18. How qué

    Yeah, because there is nothing to argue. He plays for Germany, learned playing football in Germany and is an idol for the German youth in the TV etc. He decided to leave Poland. So WHO CARES that he was born there 28 years ago? NOBODY!

  19. DragunSlyer

    Why the fuck do people arguing whether he is german or polish on every single video about him -.- ?

  20. NewLollyflop

    If you say so, have fun with it.

  21. Cosimo BEsgen

    the german legend of cologne!

  22. Cosimo BEsgen

    yes, but hes born in poland

  23. Cosimo BEsgen

    so isses

  24. tekus89

    Saying that does not make him German. You can feel emotionally bounded to a city without beeing a part of the main ethnic group of that nation.
    At first he wanted to play for Poland and he recently uploaded a photo showing him in Poland grilling with the title: In the homeland.
    He is a Pole playing for the German Naional Team. That’s it.

  25. Hassan Srour

    Not sure if striker, or play maker

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