Lukas Podolski – Supremacy – 2012/2013 | HD

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski – Supremacy – 2012/2013 | HD”

  1. Fafnir Fnir

    Jack Wilshere vid ?? ;D

  2. Damiano Caroni


  3. Alvin RAding

    Wenger needs to start padolski more…hes the arsenal savior

  4. byDAPK

    Reus 100x better than all of them muller second and gomez third imo

  5. Isaiah Denby

    You have the best music are on ur highlights!! Great job bro!!!

  6. Jim Harris

    Poor Germany selectors: Reus, Gomez, Podolski, Klose, Müller! Tough pick for forwards

  7. Neymar Junior

    Você terce para que time ?

  8. Alcatraz DaPrison

    33 League Appearances…& only i repeat ONLY 11 goals…while earning 7 million Pounds(thats extremely overrated)…..even Torres is better than Podolski… Podolski and Giroud are on the same level both got 11 goals in the Premier league…..while Benteke got 19 goals in his 1st season!!….if Benteke played at arsenal he could of got 24-27 goals in Premier League because obviously Arsenal have better playmakers than Aston Villa

  9. gianfranco morabito

    name song ?

  10. Alvin RAding

    he plays way better for germany

  11. TheJellyLlama

    Who is your first favorite team?

  12. Alfred Abbey

    make a theo walcott video

  13. rashisdachan

    At first I thought it was gonna be muse’s song

  14. Remy16121993

    I hope he comes back to Cologne 😀

  15. Russo Luciano

    Make a neymar video!

  16. jcnbellic

    0:45 supergooooool

  17. Taka-tin


  18. ibrahim1ibrahim


  19. khalied noor


  20. paco ramirez

    Make one about santi cazorla 🙂

  21. yahyaabdulkadir2000

    adel tarrat will leave qpr

  22. invincibile98

    we need bedntner video at juventus ahahahhahahaha

  23. MrSimpleGam3r

    He can’t last 90 mins!

  24. Hamza Saadi

    Amazing I hope you keep uploading 

  25. Sir BlackTV

    I See This video 123091230123 times a day because of the music

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