Lukas Podolski – Say My Name (2012/13)

Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. ervina19


  2. Adam Jensen

    Say your name ? okay. Lukas Podolski

  3. markgazeley15

    no i wasn’t disrespecting lol i was talking about other youtubers i got mixed up with someone else i actually like florence and the machine mate i got the wrong youtube

  4. clockendboy

    I love Poldi and Florence is amazing, ignore that guy lol

  5. Alfred Loh

    and you’ll never go wrong with one 🙂

  6. Moe Shyzle

    at the end of last season he was more of a bit part player since cazorla moved to left wing, but next season I think he’s gonna be influential for us, Podolski-Giroud (or new ST)-Walcott gonna be huge

  7. messi mooqs

    I don’t care what anybody says for his first season being played in a different position, in a completely different team and abroad, he had a great season!

  8. IHateGoo10Gle

    0:50 , Remember Thinking “Who’s Van Persie” When Watching It Live xD

  9. IHateGoo10Gle

    He Doesn’t use enough.

  10. dori34543

    Am i the only one who noticed that in the clip at 3:19 the commentator is saying “It’s Podolski, he’s onside” when it’s a corner?

  11. Mario Demetriou

    cause u r shit

  12. Mario Demetriou

    wait podolski actually took a shot with his right foot? 2:48

  13. gareth bale


  14. wazzawazza

    forgot about that goal against swansea, pods the man

  15. markgazeley15

    oh lol thinking of another youtuber but anyway some of the songs in a few videos sound like florence and the machine

  16. Culann Davies

    I haven’t used a Florence and the Machine song in a comp since about 2010

  17. Culann Davies

    Already made it man but Youtube took it down. I just uploaded a video linking to Vimeo where I have been allowed to upload it though. Feel free to have a look.

  18. Bryan Orton

    Excellent !! Culann 🙂
    Hope to see many more videos from you and waiting for the Giroud comp!!

  19. MrVictoria125

    What should I say? fantastic video as always Culann.

  20. Shaheer Khan

    Hey Culann, big fan of your videos, keep up the good work 😀

    I hardly use my YT account, but I am now to make a little request 😛
    Can you make a season review of Giroud please?
    He’s very underrated and many slated him until they realized how important he was when we had trouble in our attacks for the three games he was banned.
    I’d be really pleased if you could get round to doing this, keep up the good work mate! 🙂

  21. Culann Davies

    yes, I have something interesting planned for him.

  22. jetlifari

    Epicness! Love this video 😀

  23. malva0011

    great video

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