Lukas Podolski Learning London

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski Learning London”

  1. John8Locke

    some guys have to go back to school.yes poldi born in poland.But:his grandpa is german because this area was german all of time.germany lost the ww2 and poland got a present from this part of german is now poland..poldi grandfather was german because he live in schlesia/danzig.exectly klose.his father said U HAVE TO PLAY FOR GERMANY.the name klose say all about many guys are born in poland but this is all german old country…btw he have only a german passport and his perents too

  2. bridgfordbill

    usually you’d only use one of the words….eg ‘ave a butchers at that mate’


    This guy is a funny guy

  4. Vũ Đức Quang Công

    Britney Spears = beers!!!!!!!!!

  5. m100fas


  6. gudeude1

    he may have polish parents but he sounds like a german talking english.. lol like schwarzenegger

  7. nageen123naz

    left sided yet prefers to write with his right hand fuck logic

  8. phillydalyflood

    ray parlour is a fucking legend

  9. Ardi Ramadani

    Podolski <3

  10. jagur2000


  11. HDJungs1

    yu are retarded

  12. Sargeras

    silver medals count too

  13. talha arshad

    these words are retarded

  14. Eddie Southwick

    Oh Britney Spears yeah!

  15. liamglen1

    hes won nout with germany though

  16. Tom Daniels

    He’s not even german he’s polish

  17. Kamran Aziz

    cockney rhyming slang lol

  18. Aleks Zahra

    haha can say his first name right :L

  19. dragonzzz0rFTW

    hah nice +1

  20. racingboy011

    uMad bro?

  21. ArsenalStFabregassss

    Hope Poldi makes it at Arsenal.

  22. polish1231

    Better look how many players have a foreign heritage in german football team.
    Ozil,Gomez,Khedira,Boateng,Klose(also polish),Gundogan etc.

  23. polish1231

    He’s not german at all.He’s from polish family but he spent most of his life in Germany. Our coaches didn’t see anything in him before he started play for germans. Think twice before u say something.

  24. Bruce Lee

    Ray Parlour!! Met him at Power L!

  25. Elias Fazal

    old time londoners

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