Lukas Podolski Interview on Arsenal (What Really Happened)

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski Interview on Arsenal (What Really Happened)”

  1. looneyshadow1

    Was it a sex tape? hahha

  2. Gott Existiert Nicht

    <----- loser who doesn't speak german thought everything was real

  3. hannalampadius

    wrong subtitles

  4. RoonyKingXL

    “Wie heiß bist du?” xD

  5. TheChe0101

    the fool bit is so funny :D

  6. Elegaance

    lmao, I watched it all and read the subtitles BEFORE scrolling down to read the comments. I was like WTF? Hahahaha…

  7. tomhewlett1

    this is all kinds of fail, but still quite funny

  8. COYR2012AFC

    this reminds me of those hitler videos with the subtitles 😀

  9. Jari Ullah

    i was born in germany lived there for 4 years then came to england so i dont speak german or understand it so can u put english subtitles on it plz

  10. LoopInc


  11. molonlave2010

    lmaoooooooo don’t speak German, but this interview is funny hiliariious!

  12. Emilia Razak

    you’re welcome ;)

  13. Hillshafer

    high larious

  14. HitsMan1307

    Thank you. People like you are amazing!

  15. Emilia Razak

    still laughing about this thing

  16. The19Domi95

    this video is old, he speaks to the cologne club tv about his injured foot and the euro-preparation, NOT about arsenal

  17. Peter File

    Fluent in german, fail

  18. 7cesgal7

    haha.. gotta say it aint hard to notice its fake.but pretty damn funny.

  19. joker4171

    wahahahaha fucking hilarious! )))

  20. Emilia Razak

    this is fucking hilarious

  21. ZeykaHD

    wtf with sub titles?

  22. TheJKPlays

    Despite the fact this is clearly fake, its pretty goddamn funny, cmon guys 😀

  23. Tung-Chiao Wu

    which idiot made the subtitles…

  24. packing999

    its funny how it says its fake in the description

  25. Philip .Eappen

    this is fake

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