Lukas Podolski Goals and Assists 2010

Movie Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski Goals and Assists 2010”

  1. Cuong Ngo

    Music name?

  2. GerEagle

    2:00 ;D

  3. Muhammad hazwan

    50 wat the shot

  4. nahasonmbwee

    Podosk we need you in arsenal kenyans loves you.

  5. Alex Stathopoulos

    Should have put some money on that eh

  6. garra Charrua

    penyepak padu

  7. Spagh Bog

    Or van persie can play off him, like Vp did regularly with huntalaar for Netherlands, either way the boys a steal at £10 mill

  8. Chewy GrizzlyWender

    3 47 is an example of what us gunners need. longshot. power and a decent left winger. sorry but gerv youve fallen short. wenge sort the squad out. PODOLSKI <3 DEMPSEY <3 MVILLA <3 VERTONGHEN <3


    kommt eins für saison 2011/2012?

  10. ecklesmecken1

    Bale and pascal cygan might have something to say about that

  11. ZshacZap

    Welcome our German rvp

  12. blurguy1130

    Podolski can rotate with RVP. And play with RVP as left winger. currently, no one fit to replace RVP when he need a rest

  13. mohamedk200

    im sorry dude but what’s special is the goalscoring, which is currently what arsenal is lacking. After RVP there is no one else so Podolski is definitely special. Chamkah is not special cus is score like a defender.

  14. ffgou

    I’m a arsenal fans..honestly after watching this video,i don’t think he is that ‘great’. Nothing awesome about his goal scoring and assists.

  15. BeatsDrDre959

    Him and Van Persie would be a great pair!

  16. realmofrunescape

    Just as long as Wenger doesn’t turn him into a fucking winger…

  17. doobeedoobeedooo

    can’t wait to see the van p’olski axis in action

  18. Castyroman

    in the top 5 for best left foot in the world after messi, van persie, david silva, robben

  19. piotrek1818

    Still Poland!!!!!!!!

  20. k2ghostGTID


  21. Georgeous129

    he’s been textin Mertesacker apparently about life at Arsenal, plus Arsenal planning a deal for him, now, Podolski and van Persie up front…..holy s**t! btw what is it about leftie’s and making scoring look p**s-easy?! Messi, van Persie, Podolski?

  22. Fitzgrade09

    ‘3.45 what a strike on a football

  23. xXxShadezxXx

    lol barca man, He is not the Barca type, He is more Arsenal Type,.. Why do you even need him when you have Fabregas ?

  24. UffUffsen

    1:22 Podolski in a nuttshell, hf arsenal

  25. UffUffsen

    dont rub it in, Lukas Junge!

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