Lukas Podolski Goal vs Montpellier – HD

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19 Responses to “Lukas Podolski Goal vs Montpellier – HD”

  1. LongJohn Gold


  2. Mohd Benyamin

    It’s a shame that Chambo missed seeing that stunner.

  3. MegaBuzzed

    That pass from Giroud!

  4. Angel Pol

    wich is the soundtrack?

  5. Liam Callaghan

    Seeing that goal again gave me chills down my spine

  6. DonnyTekkz

    Sexy goal

  7. Hưng Đỗ

    I was surprised that it was 1 year ago! I thought it’s just happened not
    too far from now.

  8. JulesWills

    It’s so cool how it drops when he shoots it I love this video

  9. Alex Song

    Beautiful Goal <3

  10. Vert Aa

    Awesome goal but what a pass by Giroud and there are those who question his

  11. Mike Jones

    German Heat seeking missle

  12. Adil Mahmood

    Wonder goal

  13. Forza Arsenal

    Could anyone of you find this goal , with this commentary (no music ) or
    Commentary Name 🙂

  14. Ian M.

    Kraddy “Android Porn”

  15. NinjaaBeans

    Feel bad for the guy on the floor who missed it

  16. kavo977

    What is the song name???

  17. Quinn Becker


  18. Jack Wilshere

    what the name of the song ?

  19. Bestseveraltutorials

    dat bullet 

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