Lukas Podolski First Goal for Arsenal

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19 Responses to “Lukas Podolski First Goal for Arsenal”

  1. TheCoolso4

    Kölner Jung!<3

  2. sliimo1reelist

    this isnt the first video if it’s recorded from youtube… ? lol

  3. soccerchannification

    youtube in youtube

  4. alexchelseafan

    You can clearly hear the commentator say that this was Arsenals first premier goal of the season and podolskis first for the club..

  5. asadmahmood172

    Podolski one of the best arsenal player

  6. asadmahmood172

    Sick goal

  7. William Laureano

    Haven’t you heard the commentator ? First goal for Podolski.

  8. TheEnrico98

    it was the first in premier league

  9. ItsALyon

    thank you for clearing that up

  10. Robert Kalomiris

    That was his first home goal at the Emirates

  11. Khalsar Hiernachnameeinfügen

    He scores when he wants

  12. DavidPalmer90

    listen to the commentator, first goal for arsenal…

  13. GoalsInHD007

    no this was the first

  14. ItsALyon

    Wasn’t the first goal against southampton on a free kick

  15. insomniacidiot

    what are they singing at 0:25?

  16. fellheimer

    but we miss podolski… 🙁

  17. BreadNButter75



    I don’t miss RvP anymore :))

  19. highseeker001300

    thank for uploading that.Your Video is the first i found which had the goal from Podolski.The others are Bullshit.

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