Lukas Podolski – Arsenal FC – Skills & Goals – 2013 – HD

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski – Arsenal FC – Skills & Goals – 2013 – HD”

  1. Macarronesazules

    Esta conmadre el video podolski es una riata

  2. SkiLLeeZzHDFootball

    Very great Video!! 🙂

  3. Shykeful

    Music is art. A video is a piece of art, too. Well, imo art cannot be “wrong” or something similiar but it can be something that a certain individual does not like. Combine them(music/video) and obviosly the result will also be art. His/her video, his/her interpretation. tbh I really do not like this music but nethertheless it is not quite fair to say that your dislike regarding the music is a thing which had to be said. Nope, you are only offending:/

  4. meista95

    Video selber machen, nicht von bauerjack15 klauen

  5. Yannic Lopez

    Nice Video, wrong music

  6. L BR

    your obviously very good at making videos, but why in the world would you put that music in it… i mean im usually someone who can listen to pretty much anything, but this takes it a bit far… are there really people who enjoy this sound? 15 year old girls. awful..just awful..
    had to be said.

    other than that, good scenes etc… good quality – keep it up

  7. Mat Jazz

    Poland is pround of you Łukasz!

  8. Muhammad hazwan


  9. juldup11

    He and Giroud seem to be a good fit

  10. idris0294

    Lol u wanker stole it from another acc and just added some music

  11. bumpk665

    beautiful video. right before watching this one, i saw a giroud comp and it had a techno song too. I thought “how come i haven’t seen clarity as a soundtrack since its very similar to all these other soundtracks and could go well with a footy video”. thanks for that too!
    now has anyone managed to watch Podolski’s face when celebrating WITHOUT cracking a smile or a grin? very difficult!

  12. yybecause

    he is left sided player.. played as a striker 1st game of the season, and last few, where he didnt do as well as on the wing, which is his position.
    he had injury during season and that took on his form, but overall, great season and great buy

  13. Enox

    maybe :DD

  14. Samuel Meilleur

    0:44 Marco Reus?

  15. Enox

    Thanks (;

  16. SFHSBreakdown

    You deserve way more then 12,000 views, great video.

  17. Smutty Alien

    Started of well but then Wenger made him play left mid gervinho could play down middle, not cool. Hopefully Higuain and Podolski will be a great partnership

  18. gulon79

    Poland !

  19. kuba ogrenicz

    najlepszy skills

  20. Justin C Marsden SE

    he scored in 15 games best signing on the scoring front

  21. Guillermo lc

    I want to see play in the next season BvB

  22. Danny De Souza

    Best Left foot i’ve seen

  23. Enox

    Thanks 🙂
    vegas 11.

  24. zaphang

    Very nice edit mate :) Which program do you use?

  25. Tarik Behtat

    At 2:35 I got a boner

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