Lukas Podolski All Goals Bundesliga 2010/2011 1. FC KA�LN

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25 Responses to “Lukas Podolski All Goals Bundesliga 2010/2011 1. FC KA�LN”

  1. Vegeta

    lets do this!

  2. Muhammad hazwan

    0:43 powerfull shooting

  3. 김동욱 김

    1:15 !!!

  4. sTEVE s

    No your rong! its KÖLSCH! colgone guy! for ever look at his tatto!

  5. 7thskycorps

    I don’t get why people make nazi references in videos like this. This is football, not nazism

  6. Larryz99

    The music makes the vid epic..

  7. midnight88ful

    I want this guy as the central striker!

  8. europesoccer10


  9. europesoccer10

    fuck italy!!

  10. MooseheadDrinker

    hej, czesc!

  11. RS Earo

    You lost 4-0 to Spain in the Euro last year so Italy is not the best football team.


    muda fuka u batty man podulski rules u fat shit italy good but not beter fool nazirblog

  13. NazirBlog

    Fuck Podolski Fuck Germany.Germany cannot do shit other than SUCK DICK(make porn movie)!Italy the best football team!Hahah!How do you like that you bunch of BLONDIES!

  14. ElDuque2444

    1:12 What an idiot.

  15. MMAMoffett

    maybe because he’s played over a hundred games there for germany and wenger bought him to play there

  16. MrAnandpan

    top player

  17. Diddygamer

    LOL at 1:16

  18. Leslie Jim

    i’m confused. is he better as a centre forward? cuz he don’t seem to perform for arsenal. don’t watch him much, but heard he was a very good player. what happened?

  19. Angelic Majin

    Why he plays out on the wing, I don’t fucking know..

  20. toplad321

    fantastic player…but unfortunately i think he is wasted out wide, doesnt have the pace, skill or trickery to be a winger although he has a half decent cross!!! he isnt bad out there…but his strike is soooo sweet, and at left wing he barely gets a shot away in games, the few times he has hes scored, but playing left wing does not allow him to play to his strengths!!! I would also like to see walcott and giroud play upfront, but also podolski…as a striker!!!!!

  21. RossModal

    I respect the comment below.. So true…

  22. Dibolek12

    I know he from Poland he is born in Poland I think sooooo…… But he switched his team for some reason to help out Germany.

    But I don’t understand.. Why he would not keep playing in Poland… But he changed for Germany being better. Germany did never help the strong POLAND… But showed and ambitious hatred to start war and stupid crap like that!!

     You should love Poland and should realize is that what you are watching is not complete German, it is all Polish!!!


    Nasz Polak nie Niemiec

  24. Alexander Zagalski

    Lol that awkward moment when people believe those 13 year olds who invented Accounts with names of professional footballers..

  25. littlebillyboy

    LOL. Very OTT music.

    Love it. 

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