Jakub Blaszczykowski will be bougth soon by Poland

Poland are set to welcome defender Jakub Blaszczykowski from long-term absence and this has raised questions about Robert Lewandowski continuing as the captain of the team. Blaszczykowski was the captain of Poland when manager Adam Nawalka came to the national team in October 2013.

The Borussia Dortmund defender had just guided Poland through a difficult Euro 2012 with relative success. Immediately after taking over,Nawalka announced that there would be no changes in captaincy. This has not been the case sinceBlaszczykowski has been troubled with injuries ever since. In order to maintain stability in the team, Lewandowski was made as the standby captain.

The Bayern Munich striker has overseen important victories a�� the biggest coming in the 2-0 win over archrivals Germany a�� in the few matches that he has captained the team. This appears to have impressed managerNawalka so much so that he is ready to keep Lewandowski as the captain even after the return ofBlaszczykowski.Blaszczykowski has had a rotten spell with injuries and he missed the entire 2014 because of a long-term problem. It is expected that the defender may not be up to full speed even for the upcoming Euro 2016 qualifier against Republic of Ireland in March.

”Having played this year’s [Euro 2016] qualifying matches and given deeper consideration to work with the side, my choice of team captain is Robert Lewandowski. Robert showed in those difficult qualifying matches that he had quickly become a true leader of the team.

During my last visit to Germany, I met and talked with Jakub Blaszczykowski.I informed him of my decision on the captaincy.I’m very much relying on his return to the white and red team,a�? said the Poland manager.Nawalka also claimed that Poland certainly play better when they haveBlaszczykowski in the ranks.

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