Jack Wilshere and Lukas Podolski post-Montpellier Interview

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23 Responses to “Jack Wilshere and Lukas Podolski post-Montpellier Interview”

  1. NetSkilla

    and thats not even a joke !

  2. 1Tenno

    i propably shouldn´t talk about this since i´m german and my english is propably poor as well but i hope that his english isn´t the same as his german since his german grammer is totally messed up xD

  3. domdomdidom

    that’s just not true.

  4. Jerome Kern

    Wilshere looks like he is about to start crying

  5. seigner40

    Ihr lästert immer alle aber vergesst dabei das er ein erfolgreicher fusser und multimilionair ist 😉

  6. saamo23

    You have selected Lukas Podolski as your computers default voice.

  7. Benhanson96


  8. staxstix

    his english is already better than his german.

  9. Kenneth Hotz

    actually not.

  10. ashleighuk84

    and French at 1:16 with “s’il vous plaît” 😉

  11. JangoAC

    Haha, thas Prinz Poldi 😀 when he is acting like this, making jokes with teammates and stuff, you know he feels well in his environment. Like when he is with The Mannschaft. I hope he will one day come back home to the Bundesliga <3

  12. Sergio Samana

    podolski is shit

  13. Matthew Snyder

    Poldi with the subtle zipper pull at 2:00.

  14. Charlie Guna

    ok because getting past the chmapions league group stages and coming 4th is considered “a trophy” to you pathetic arsenal fans..i wonder if arsenal fans know what a trophy is?

  15. MrAFCarsenalAFC

    Erm he definitely wouldn’t and is that why we can actually get past the Champions League group stages?

  16. Charlie Guna

    if he goes to city he will be benched that’s why he won’t go. face it arsenal are man city’s reserve team


    thats funny becouse germans from other cities even have problems to understand his german xD

  18. Jannik Schleemann

    Only his pronunciation is shit :D The ‘th..’..typical german mistake hahaha 😀

  19. LolfishesHD


  20. becks2403

    His English is better than his German… haha… but Lukas is the best! =)

  21. BlazerShot321

    We may be said to be “shit” but I don’t care what people say gooner for ever

  22. Rafael Vicente

    I don’t care if he spoke correctly or not, he is a gunner and that’s it, pal

  23. MrAFCarsenalAFC

    Is that why City wanted him and he turned them down?

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