Goodbye Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal London [Prinz Poldi]

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25 Responses to “Goodbye Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal London [Prinz Poldi]”

  1. SwissJustMe

    Auch die Podolskis sind aus Schlesien. Und sie sind als Aussiedler nach
    Deutschland gekommen. Steht zumindest überall im Internet 😉

  2. Tom Jackson

    He’s a holding player, nothing like Fabregas…..

  3. Daut Karabegovic

    I’m Arsenal fan my whole life, and Lucas Podolsky is German! Pure German,
    my friend. His name is prussish, not polish. this part of Germany is
    stollen by Poland and there was Prussland before. Greeting

  4. nikos kostov

    we have signed podolski??

  5. Jammie Jammie-Jammie

    No one can replace RVP. You are fucking crazy.

  6. MultivitaminSaft23

    Look at young guys like Ron-Robert Zieler or Marc-André ter Stegen. These
    guys are 19 or 20 years old and better than the most keepers in england or

  7. MeyersLori

    LOL dude, he came to Germany when he was 3 years old.

  8. albumjulian

    Podolski – Van Persie – Giroud

  9. FGFXAustinI09I

    @Arsenalfanforeverr vermaelen isn’t german

  10. mpman412

    Actually it’s a mixture of both, according to wikipedia–he wanted to play
    for the Polish team first and they rejected him, so he went on to play for
    the German team. However, later in on his career, the Polish decided they
    wanted him and it was at this time that he turned down the Polish.

  11. Skelet6


  12. Arjun Singh Sani

    The mini tiesto

  13. Oussama Tabouti

    Against who the goal at 1:26 was please ? one of the best

  14. SamWinchester000

    I always ask myself what CB means, centerback maybe? but I also don’t know
    what a centerback is either, is it a defender or maybe sweeper? :S Or isn’t
    it the same like CDM? I really ask myself that, is there a deference
    between CDM/CB? 😀

  15. 3DSFuture

    Playing football for germans doesn’t make you german..

  16. jama johor

    why we would hold players who aren’t happy at the club when we can players
    like OX and Arteta who are more then happy to be playing for arsenal ..
    dude you’re fucking wank

  17. daniel d

    Van the Man is Ruud van Nistelrooy..not Robin Van Persie

  18. Arsenalfanforeverr

    and vermaelen

  19. 3DSFuture

    I don’t know what is your problem too, now go back to school kid.

  20. ollardo

    Tell you what, Arsenal free kicks are gonna be looking pretty hard to stop
    with RVP, Arteta and now Podolski standing over the ball.

  21. Nekroqolis

    And you still didn’t realize that ur brain is missing. Fail, dude.

  22. pewpewkuba

    Actually we don’t have anything from Nasri/Fabs money. Santos (7.000.000€),
    Park (6.500.000€), The Ox (13.800.000€), Arteta (12.000.000€), Mertesacker
    (11.000.000€), Jenkinson and Campbell (2.000.000€) and Gervinho. We got him
    in the beginning of the transfer window (12.000.000€). Source:

  23. Javi Andrade

    I would consider your statement to be not 100 percent right. As far as I
    know he decided ( very simular to Mesut Ozil) to play for the more
    attractive and powerful side, instead of playing for the country of his
    ancestors. So the statement that Polands team rejected him is false. To my
    knowledge HE rejected the polish offer. The other part of your post ( about
    his professional life as a german) is something i would sign without any
    doubts. Best wishes LT246.

  24. 57clint

    … you forgot Özil Kedira Müller Lahm podolski is good player but not the

  25. mobydiculous82

    welcome Podolski ! he scored some good goals but DAMN those german keepers
    are crap !

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