In the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich are arguably the best team and the Bavarians have always been consistent in showing their supremacy and dominance over the other clubs in the league. One thing that has sparked distaste among fans from other league Watchung the Bundesliga is the fact that Bayern are commonly known to be hungry for rival players more than external ones. They have always been the first and most likely destination for the best players from the other clubs in the German league and it has not sat well with a lot of people.

Not only players, they have also shown that they are capable of taking managers from under the noses of their fellow clubs and a typical example of this is how they managed to sign their current manager, Julian Nagelsmann, from RB Leipzig even though his contract at the club had not ended.

The closest closest club in size and player quality to Bayern Munich are. Borussia Dortmund but even them are not free from the shackles of Bayern poaching the league’s best players. Although in recent times, Dortmund have shown that they can now put up a stronger fight to keep their star players, they have lost a fair share of top players to the Bavarians and below us a list of those players.


  1. Robert Lewandowski

Unargurably the best player the Bundesliga has ever seen, the Poland international striker has cemented his name in football history as one of the greatest strikers of all time. The Bundesliga has Gerd Muller as the best-ever goalscorer but Lewandowski surpassed the record and he will be the biggest regret of Dortmund.


  1. Mario Götze

Götze played alongside Lewandowski under Klopp and helped Dortmund to reach the Champions League final even though they lost. He left for Bayern later and even though he returned to Dortmund, he’s no longer at the club.


Other Players:

  1. Matts Hummels
  2. Matthias Sammer
  3. Ottmar Hitzfield.

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