Chelsea in Most Comfortable Position

Chelsea is currently in a very comfortable position at the top of the Premier League as they have a 5 points advantage over their nearest rivals Manchester City. There was a crucial match that was played between Manchester City and Liverpool on March 1st which concluded in a 2-1 defeatfor Manuel Pellegrinia��s team and this result has helped out Chelsea on gaining more breathing space in the 1st place of the top tier English League.

The former captain of Manchester United Gary Neville said that Manchester City made it simply too easy for Liverpool to claim all 3 points and snatch the victory.

Gary Neville used to perform at Old Trafford back in 1992 up until 2011 and he still remains playing a role in the world of football as he forms part of the coaching staff of England. The former Manchester United player made over 380 appearances for the English club and he is well aware of what it takes to win major titles, especially the Premier League silverware after having lifted it in 8 occasions during his playing career.

The 40 year old retired player voiced his opinion concerning Manchester Citya��s defeat against Liverpool as he stated that Manuel Pellegrinia��s squad should be embarrassed by their performance at Anfield.

“If I was a Manchester City player, I’d be embarrassed how easy it is to play through them. We’re judging Manchester City as champions of the Premier League. There has to be progression year on year, you have to get better. But this team, we keep seeing the same mistakes being made.” Gary Neville said.

This defeat could prove to be the difference in which team wins the Premier League of this season as there is nothing stopping Chelsea from claiming the English title which they have not been able to do since the 2009-10 season.

Chelsea are their own worst enemy right now as the Premier League is under their control.


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