Best of Lukas Podolski

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25 Responses to “Best of Lukas Podolski”

  1. juliankalleberg

    Who is singing the song?

  2. juliankalleberg

    Who ære Singing the song?

  3. amarqtm

    He Is my rollmodle

  4. RoshWilliams

    lu lu lu

  5. VizioNGC

    He’s still a big talent! Welcome to Arsenal <3

  6. Raman Ramlingam

    welcome to ARSENAL……..!!

  7. nick94jrod

    Lucas is so underrated,screw messi fans! DEUTSCHER FUSSBALL BUND 2014!

  8. nick94jrod

    No he is not THE best EVER,but yes one of the best.

  9. adictschampselysees

    really rude comment. as much as I would love poldi to come to arsenal i have a massive respect for klose (being also a werder fan). Klose came closest to breaking a world cup record. i dont think podolski did….

  10. kenny belgrave

    i dont care if he is the best player r the worse player in the world all that matter is he is my favourite player.

  11. wafotnytt

    Klose is one of the best strikers ever. He has the second place after Ronaldo to score in WC

  12. runescapeisformecool

    Der soll zu galatasaray? … Da war ja ARDA 10 mal besser!

  13. OFWGKTAswagRyfka

    BRO WTF ARE U talking about klose is the number one finisher in the world bitch…
    don’t talk shit about him… dumb ass

  14. Excecutioner147

    i hope he comes to GALATASARAY!!!

  15. amagginas

    i totally agree…podolski’s technique is better but klose has had good matches in every team he’s played…lukas is one of those cases that have never given the opportunity to prove themselves in their clubs…a similar case to milan baros…in koln podolski was and is alone,in bayern he was often left out to make room for luca toni who was a much worse footballer but more effective…but with his national team,he’s top class…

  16. kami645464

    How intelligent is this comment? Let me remind you Klose is a legend and will be remembered forever and has a name in the history books of Football. Podolski is far from that.

  17. littlesoldiergraba

    Poland still loves you Lukasz! You’re nothing like klose that german pig who cant score from a meter away on an empty goal 🙂

  18. MightOfCologne

    nope, ist nicht vorgespult..

  19. DanceFlowDeXx

    He didnt feel bad, he kept his celebreation very respectful, for his family lives in poland and was at that game. Also, the Polish coach wouldnt let him play and he didnt even get recognized by them until he kicked ass in WC 2006. Poldi doesnt even have a Polish passport but he lives in Germany, has a passport plays for the Deutscher Fussbal Bund and plays for a German club team.. But you are correct in the fact that he is awesome and a vital part to german football!

  20. dymd3z

    Podolski is of German descent, born in Poland, yes, but on land that was once and truly is German land. Same for Klose. Polish sucks!

  21. MrPuzzle94


  22. Iv4n202

    Podolski = Für IMMER FC!

  23. PbIBR

    Zenit unterzeichnete einen Vertrag mit Fußballspieler und dem deutschen Nationalspieler im Fußball Lukas Podolski, Der Auftragswert beläuft sich 13,5 millionen Euro. Vertrag wird für einen Zeitraum von 4 Jahren abgeschlossen, Podolski wird bei den Gebühren kommen übermorgen.

  24. PSPmaxxx

    no, he’s the best Polish player that is playing for Germans 😉

  25. Primal1288

    if he did choose to play for poland he felt bad too if he scored for poland

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