Arsenal Tour 2013 – Outtakes – WARNING contains dancing!!!

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Arsenal Tour 2013 – Outtakes – WARNING contains dancing!!!”

  1. Mohamed M Al Kooheji

    “Only one?? For English Players you take 10” Podli LOLOL

  2. Hinikuna


  3. Scrotum Tickler

    0:28 true what they say about German comedy, it’s all toilet humour

  4. Scrotum Tickler

    It’s not gay if you like it. And I like it a lot

  5. Scrotum Tickler


  6. Garten Haus


  7. syed hassan

    Giroud is aesthetic as fuck. #semihomo

  8. Roggsing

    Germans, they are special 😛

  9. Ibzy B

    I love it!!

  10. GameBros Ⓡ

    I love podolski

  11. UltimateArsenalGamer

    I would do the same as Giroud did

  12. ivan erev

    PODOLSKI : MY Room please :DDDD haha

  13. Kaarin Kelkar

    This is why Arsenal is the most amazing club

  14. pikajns

    this is so adorable ^_^

  15. Simon Cornelius

    This is why I love Arsenal….couldn’t support another club!

  16. ThatBoyCray

    That Salsa attempt though Lmao XD oh Giroud

  17. ThatBoyCray

    But he’s German.

  18. Adriano Kreinos

    2:24 😀

  19. sahil Chatwani

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  20. shadz876

    Podolski and Ox looked poised for a great season, I’m so gutted they’re injured.

  21. luper scallywag

    HAHA mertersackers laugh at 0:10

  22. Mychal Shannon

    2:37 Laurent is the best!

  23. arsenal290597

    Mahmadou sakho hahahaha

  24. Mamadou Sakho

    Expected an AHA

  25. charlie bju

    Going to be another German next tour Chambo!

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