Arsenal fans after Podolski’s goal

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24 Responses to “Arsenal fans after Podolski’s goal”

  1. oXbOxr00X

    u thanks cologne, and i’m from Cologne 🙂
    trust me brah, best buy ever! FCB ruing him for us in Cologne, so he need something big where he is really needed and not just a jocker!

    For me its pretty cool, i can play with gunners AND LUKAS!
    a fan cant with Lukas Podolski as Prince or King would be super awesoem!

    best grettzinhs from Köln!

  2. Justin B

    I think he had a good year, he can be inconsistent at times but when he is on he is so dangerous. He wasn’t playing very well at the new year and Wenger had to make a decision to pull him. Towards the end of the year he really stepped it up and played very well. Can’t wait to see his progress in the next campaign.

  3. oXbOxr00X

    dude, u’r welcome!

  4. mama cita

    Podolski God of Cologne and Arsenal

  5. 7thskycorps

    He scores when he wants XD

  6. rheinlandromario

    Kölle Alaaf

  7. Zakariye Hassan

    Dumbass. And Soldado is shit.

  8. VaVaVoom141

    Podolski won fuck all at cologne and still stayed so that makes no sense and he signed a long term contract sort it out lol!

  9. TheSmithersy

    So we’ve got him for 8 years then…

  10. thegunnersway

    all i got to say is thank you for recording this video as it is helped me put the chant in the background of my video, podolski volley vs monpellier /watch?v=vLw8eZhVlQY

  11. KSI Olajidebt


  12. Benny Bunny

    ” Prinz Poldi “

  13. Patryk Szymański

    Arsenal FC Poland LUKAS PODOLSKI !!!!

  14. Benhanson96

    Fuck rvp! podolski!!! <3

  15. tomsta3

    its takes a cunt to like a cunt. Poldi>RVP

  16. RepublicOfMancunia10


  17. Leon Beazt

    A Whore and a Cunt, A Whore and a Cuuuuunt, Robin Van Persie, He’s a Whore and a Cunt.

  18. MrDeisearsenalfcIRL

    Weve got Podolski
    Van Persies a cunt

  19. MrDeisearsenalfcIRL

    Van Persie is a rapist

    He wears a rapists hat

    And when he saw a teenage girl he said Im raping that

    He raped he to the left side

    He raped her to the right

    And when theres no-one else around he rapes all fucking night!


  20. Arai Rhasta

    van persie has new chant at man utd… its terrible…..

  21. iknowundso1

    greetings from germany :)

  22. dippers007

    Loving the cologne fans here! 

  23. love evol

    all girls do in matches is woooooo… 🙂 all cool though coyg

  24. David Gi

    Arsenal <3 Fc Köln <3 Podolski <3 🙂 Greetings from Cologne!!!!

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